Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sale of Coyotes getting more bizarre with each passing day

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It looks as if Phoenix Coyotes prospective owner Matt Hulsizer has buckled under the pressure from the Goldwater Institute.  The Winnipeg Free Press has claimed that Hulsizer sent a letter to the Goldwater Institute, the taxpayer-watchdog group that has opposed his deal with the City of Glendale from the outset, informing them he’s going to guarantee $75 million of the bond proceeds that the city is fronting him.

I can just assume that if Hulsizer is planning on backing the bonds that need to be sold to keep the NHL club in Arizona, rather than the city itself, it will be easier to sell them on the market.  However, I am no legal expert, so I can just speculate on this.  Needless to say, this sale is seemingly becoming more bizarre each time there is a significant update to the Coyotes situation.

I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this seemingly never ending saga...

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  1. Rabies leads to insanity - - and clearly all wanna-be Coyotes are afflicted!