Monday, March 7, 2011

The new YFC Centre on Higgins and Main

The new Youth for Christ centre on the Northwest corner of Higgins Avenue and Main Street is going up fast.  This centre will give inner city youth the chance to play sports and get away from some of the negative influences of the inner city.  It may even be ready by fall.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the funding of this youth recreation centre.  Many were opposed to giving the YFC any public funding whatsoever.  I never understood this.  They may be a Christian organization, but what is wrong with that?

Look around the city.  The Siloam Mission, the Salvation Army, the Grace and St.Boniface Hospitals, and all Winnipeg YMCA's are Christian based.  These types of centres are hardly run by people with a "hidden agenda" to steal your soul.

Besides, look at where it is going to be built.  Residents from Winnipeg's poorest neighborhoods will have full access to the facilities.  Point Douglas, Central, the North End, Elmwood, etc.  This rec centre will give people, especially youth the chance to stay away from gangs, crime, and other temptations that plague the inner city.  I can only see positive things coming from the YFC building in the future.

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