Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Press Columnist Gordon Sinclair Jr: Are his stories fact or fiction?

I've noticed more and more Free Press posters calling out Gordon Sinclair Jr., for inconsistencies in his opinion pieces for the Winnipeg Free Press. I never like to accuse anyone of fabricating a story, but after reading the comments in response to this article, I could not help doubt his version of events:

"And then, about three years ago, he got a call from Animal Services.
They had found a cat with an identification chip that led them to his phone number. John recalled how Curious George reacted when he saw him at the shelter. It was as if the cat was holding out his paws, asking John to take him into his arms.
Begging for John to take him back.
And that's how the two best friends were reunited."

"Then, he thanked me for listening.

And I stood up to leave.

But before I left, I told John to stand up, too. And then I reached out my arms, the way Curious George once seemed to do with his paws. And I held him -- the way I sensed no one had for years.

Not even his best friend, Curious George."

Seems like a touching story. Except for the fact that one Free Press commentator called him out.  It raises some questions about the article:

"Let me make something clear. Animal services cannot, nor has ever, housed cats. They simply do not have the appropriate kenneling space or facilities. Animal services and the Winnipeg Humane Society have always gotten along very well, so whenever cat space was needed, the Humane Society was called and things were arranged there."


So, did this actually happen? Is Sinclair exaggerating? Or is it completely fabricated?


  1. My 2 cents here:

  2. Do you really think all those cats on the internets has cheezburgers? no, of course not. That's not the point. The point is, Gordon Sinclair sells newspapers. 99% of the subscribers of the WFP are there for Gordon Sinclair Jr. and his wonderful yarns spun out of golden manitoba wheat. Don't listen to all the haters making up stories about Gordon Sinclair Jr. While Gordo isn't a hero, or homeless, he knows people who are, and its his job to tell us about those heroes, in his heroic way.

  3. 99 per cent for Gord? I don't know about that. He sure does have axes to grind though

  4. for some reason, Gordon's writing style really, really annoys me . :/