Friday, March 4, 2011

The empty lot near Portage and Main

You would think that with the metro Winnipeg area topping 750,000 this year, a record low vacancy rate, and construction everywhere that someone would have shown the initiative to fill in this embarrassment just north of the 201 Portage Tower (formerly known as Canwest Building).  I wish Manitoba Hydro had went through with their original proposal for a 40(?) story tower at this very location.

It looks horrible.  On the east side of Main Street, you will see turn of the century buildings, just north of the Richardson Building.  On this side you have a nightclub that was forced to close it's doors a couple of years back due to shady activity.  Walk another 1/2 block, and come across yet another parking lot.   Then you hit the Woodbine Hotel, which is one of the last sleazy bars in the exchange.

It's time for developers to get off their ass and build something here.  Just look at the Union Tower.  In a year or two, it can be the home of hundreds of Red River College students.  With many lofts and condos springing up, it will only be a matter of time before someone takes a keen interest in what I refer to as "Winnipeg's shame".

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