Saturday, April 16, 2011

CMHR Museum: Can it be converted into a Rock and Roll Museum?

Considering that the Canadian Museum for "Human Rights"  has caused more animosity and tension between different ethnic groups in modern Winnipeg history, even before it has opened it's doors, it's time we cut our losses and investigate if the structure can be turned into something that Winnipeggers will actually want to go to see.

I think it goes without saying that the construction and planning of the CMHR has been a disaster since it's inception.  From cost overruns, ethnic favouritism, and deception from Gail Asper and the project organizers, it is clear that this museum will do more harm than good in the long run.  The CMHR is now asking for an additional $3.6 million from the City of Winnipeg to cover cost shortfalls.  

Enough is enough.

Rather than watch this monstrosity turn into Canada's "Autoworld" (an infamous Automotive Museum which cost about the same amount as the CMHR when you factor in inflation), we should modify the project so that it can turn a profit. Or perhaps at the very least, not bleed the taxpayer white year after year.

Let's turn this building into the Canadian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  With local bands like the Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Watchmen, Neil Young, Terry Jacks, Harlequin, Bif Naked, Remy Shand, the Weakerthans, Crash Test Dummies, and many more; Winnipeg has always been the rock and roll capital of Canada.

Let's honour our musical past and build a Museum that people in Winnipeg will be proud of.  Let's turn the CMHR into the inaugural Canadian Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"Autoworld" grand opening, 1984- Flint, Michigan

Autoworld implosion, 1997- $80 million down the drain.

America's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame- Cleveland, Ohio.

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