Saturday, April 30, 2011

To Jack Layton: There Is Nothing Wrong With Massage Parlours

It seems the NDP surge has ruffled some feathers in the Canadian political landscape.  In fact, an unknown source has managed to dig up a 1996 Police report that had Jack Layton caught up in a Police sting at a local Toronto brothel.  The amazing thing is this has made front page news in the Canadian press.  I have no idea why, as I see nothing wrong with what two consenting adults do behind closed doors.

However, when Jack Layton tries to deny that he knew it was not a legitimate massage studio, he is just insulting our intelligence.  He is either the most naive man in Canada, or he is not telling us the truth.

So I have a proposition for Mr.Layton.  Admit you went to a "rub and tug", and I will not only guide you to Winnipeg's #1 massage parlour, I will personally pay for any "service" you receive.  I am sure I speak for most Canadians, when I say it is your business as to what happened in 1996.  I would actually consider voting for the NDP next Monday, if Mr. Layton just came out and said "so what?  Is there a problem with what I did?"

Look no further to our American neighbours, and the surge in popularity Bill Clinton enjoyed when his affairs were exposed to the American public.


  1. It just shows what lengths people will go to to win the Election. I hope the cop is charged for this as it is wrong for him to share his notes to anyone . Policing 101

  2. sure thing Old Chum, right after they charge the person who leaked the G20 report. btw rumour has it the leak came from a "Liberal Fixer"

  3. I just saw a picture of the Velvet Touch... yah, looks reputable... not

  4. The department of dirty tricks has also done numbers on Ralph Goodale and Vic Toews.