Monday, May 23, 2011

"Spirited Energy" creator says naming the new NHL team "Jets" a bad idea.

Marketing guru Peter George, the man responsible for the Maintoba's ill-fated "Spirited Energy" marketing campaign recommends against calling the new NHL team the Winnipeg Jets.   George was recently interviewed by the Sun to share his thoughts on this issue:

“It’s a new age in every way,” said Peter George, president and CEO of Winnipeg’s McKim Cringan George marketing firm. “We have to be prepared to move forward in this city and not cling to the icons of a bygone era. “There’s tons to be said for tradition, but that business is done. The Winnipeg Jets were done. It would be the Jets in name only, right?”
On the Winnipeg hockey fans who favor the Winnipeg Jets name:

That seems to be the prevailing thought, although George said that could simply be the vocal minority. “No one’s out there writing letters to the editor saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want them to be called the Jets,’ ” he said.  

“Maybe there’d be a small outcry — the same people that tried to encircle the Eaton’s building and stop it from getting torn down would be outraged — if we weren't getting called the Jets.”

People in Winnipeg have developed an emotional attachment to the Winnipeg Jets name.  Jets merchandise has outsold any other hockey club in recent years, and since it looks like the NHL will be returning, sports and jersey stores cannot keep up with the demand for vintage NHL Jets merchandise.
The main argument against the use of the Jets name comes from many who say that the Jets name and logo are from the past.  The argument is that with a new identity and logo, the team will sell more jerseys and apparel. 

Vancouver Canucks different style uniforms
Use the Vancouver Canucks for comparison.  The team changed uniforms many times.  From their retro blue and green jerseys of the 70`s, to the  yellow and black ``V`` logo of the 80`s, and finally changing to a slightly updated version of their original jerseys, with the addition of a new logo.  The same can be said about the Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, and Anaheim Ducks.  All these NHL teams have change their appearances, with mainly positive results.
The next argument comes from people who say that the Winnipeg Jets were a mediocre team, at best, and need a fresh start to get away from the image of failure.
The problem with this argument is that NHL clubs do not become successful by their appearance.  NHL teams that enjoy success on the ice have excellent management and stable ownership.  
Dale Hawerchuk (1981-90)
I am really hoping that the new Winnipeg NHL club is called the Jets.  Growing up as a kid in the eighties, I lived through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When the Jets moved in 1996, I was barely out of high school.  

When I resided in Alberta, several people that came into contact with me, either walking the streets, going to a restaurant, or elsewhere would often compliment me on my Jets shirt or cap.  I would often get fellow Manitobans (and others) asking me what part of Winnipeg I was from, and how much they thought Winnipeg deserved another NHL team.
With nearly 2/3 of Winnipeg residents favouring the new team to be called the Jets by various polls in Winnipeg, I think True North Sports & Entertainment should give the people what they want.  A new team by any other name would be a bad PR move by the new Winnipeg based team.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Stranded in the UK" virus hijacks my blog.

Well it's great to have access to my account once again.  I was the victim of a virus that sends emails to everyone on your contact list, and displays a message indicating that you are stranded without money in London, England while on vacation.  Thankfully my account and blog are both up and running again.

In other news, congratulations to everyone who kept believing in the city and made it possible for the return of the NHL to become reality.  I will be downtown celebrating once the announcement of the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg becomes official.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanted: Members of Parliament. No experience necessary.

Well with the election wrapped up, I came across some interesting tidbits on  the recently elected NDP members in the province of Quebec.  Seems some of the new Members of Parliament come from all walks of life, which is fine.  A former communist, a UFC cagefighter, and then there is Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the representative of the Quebec riding of Berthier - Maskinong√©.

What makes this amusing is her activities during the election campaign.  Here are some of the most interesting facts:

  • She is barely fluent in French, despite being the NDP candidate in a overwhelmingly French speaking riding in Quebec
  • She took a vacation to Vegas during the Election campaign
  • She did not bother to show up in her riding during Election night
  • She never once visited the riding she was competing for (too busy working at a pub in her hometown of Ottawa?)

Maybe I am being unfair, and rushing to judgement.  Mrs. Brosseau could turn out to be a fine MP.  And hey, don't tell me some of those those sexually repressed old men that have been at Sussex Drive for years wouldn't mind some eye candy in the house.  I mean look at her.  She's smokin'!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Conservatives win Majority Government, NDP Gains Big

Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have finally won a majority government that they have been seeking for the past decade.  The New Democratic Party, led by Jack Layton, made huge gains, especially in Quebec.  When all was said and done, the NDP nearly wiped out the Bloc Quebecois, shattered the Liberal Party, and came within striking distance of the Conservative Party.

Congratulations to all candidates that competed for a seat in Parliament. It was definitely a night of changes.  The Liberal Party is in shatters, as this was their lowest showing in an election ever.  The Bloc is likely finished for good, and the Green party finally managed to secure a seat in parliament.  Here are the final results:



2011 Federal Election (prediction): Conservative Minority

Judging by the strong showing of the NDP,  and the extremely weak showing by the Liberal Party, I predict a Conservative Minority (again).  I have looked at some of the polls, and figure that most of the NDP gains are coming off the expensive of the Liberal Party. 

The NDP will come through huge, especially in Quebec.  The Conservatives will keep most of their seats, but will not enjoy majority government status.  The Bloc will be decimated in Quebec by the NDP.  However, the real losers of the night will be the Liberal party.  Expect them to suffer big losses east of Manitoba, at the expense of the NDP.

Nationally, the Conservatives have a slight edge over the NDP, but the Liberals have really hit rock bottom.  Expect Michael Ignatieff to resign as party leader shortly after the election results have been tabulated.  Here are my predictions for tonights election:

British Columbia: 
  • Conservatives x 18 (-4)
  • NDP x 16 (+7)
  • Liberals x 2 (-3)
  • Conservatives x 26 (-1)
  • NDP x 2 (+1)
  • Liberals x 0 (no change)
  • Conservatives x 21 (-1)
  • NDP x 7 (+3)
  • Liberals x 0 (-2)
  • Conservatives x 50 (-1)
  • NDP x 28 (+11)
  • Liberals x 28 (-10)
  • NDP x 45 (+44)
  • BQ x 18 (-31)
  • Conservatives x 9 (-1)
  • Liberals x 4 (-12)
Atlantic Provinces:
  • Conservatives x 16 (+6)
  • NDP x 10 (+6)
  • Liberals x 5 (-12)
  • NDP x 2 (+1)
  • Conservatives x 1 (no change)
  • Liberals x 0 (-1)