Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Happened to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Football Club?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have won 10 Grey Cups in their storied history.  There were times when the Bombers were the powerhouse of the CFL.  During the 50’s, early 60’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, the Bombers were arguably the top professional football team in Canada.  Those days seem long gone, as the Blue Bombers continue to set records for futility.  I cannot believe this is the same Winnipeg Blue Bomber franchise, as the one I grew up with in my youth.

I started following the Bombers, as my Grandparents (God bless their souls), were nice enough to buy me a season ticket for years, starting in 1983, when I was old enough to finally appreciate what was happening on the field.

I fondly remember:

The 20 game home winning streak from 1983-85
·         The acquisition of Tom Clements
·         The return of Dieter Brock, and “Brock-Busters!”
·         The 1984 Grey Cup win
·         Sweeping most honors at the CFL Awards ceremonies
·         The "BC Sucks!" chants
·         Sean Salisbury leading the Bombers to the 88' Grey Cup   
·         Destroying Edmonton 50-11 in the 1990 Grey Cup

To drive home my point of how good the Blue Bombers were in their glory years, take a look at the 15 year period, beginning in 1980, where the Blue had an amazing record of 162-95-1

Blue Bombers regular season records (1980-94):

1980: 10-6
1981: 11-5
1982: 11-5
1983: 9-7
1984: 11-4-1 (Grey Cup Champions)
1985: 12-4
1986: 11-7
1987: 12-6
1988: 9-9 (Grey Cup Champions)
1989: 7-11
1990: 12-6 (Grey Cup Champions)
1991: 9-9
1992: 11-7
1993: 14-4
1994: 13-5

What the hell happened? I used to watch every single game the Bombers played. Since around 2005, when I moved to Alberta for the first time, I occasionally watched and followed the Bombers.  In the last couple of years, I can't even be bothered to follow them. I long for the glory years of Tom Clements, Willard Reeves, Chris Walby, James Murphy, Tyrone Jones, Joe Poplawski, James West, John Bonk, Nick Bastaja, Greg Battle, James Jefferson, Less Browne, Lyle Bauer, Mike GrayRod Hill, Rick House, Bob Cameron, Trevor Kennerd, and many more.

Winnipeg Stadium, AKA the "House of Pain" used to instill fear in the hearts of visiting CFL clubs. Now, at the new Investors Group Field, it is painful for Bomber supporters to watch the team.  The fans deserve better.  Winnipeg deserves better.  Winnipeg has supported the Blue Bombers for over 75 years.  It’s time to make some drastic changes with this once proud organization. 

IMHO, the Bombers should have never let Lyle Bauer go to Calgary. We also need to purge the Blue Bomber Board of Directors of all its members, and find someone who knows how to win football games. There must be a football version of Mike Ilitch out there. We need to find him to turn the Blue around, and become a well-run organization.  Maybe we should ask Winnipeg Jets owner Mark Chipman to run the club.  I look forward to when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can call themselves Grey Cup Champions again.

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  1. Great writing..I am 50 yr. fan and have given up..I have written 2 books (3 to come) rebulding Bomber me