Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to the Purple Rod!

I think it is about time that I created a blog.   Considering naming a blog after a colour of a rod is the latest "craze" in Winnipeg, I am going to call my blog the Purple Rod!  Special thanks to the Black, Orange, Blue, White, and Stiff Rods for inspiration!


  1. We are the real rods....all those other rods ripped us off man....shit, I am outta beer.

  2. You forgot the Red Rod. Yes, there is one of those too.

    Oh ya, fave Jets memories:
    1) crazy loud playoff win vs the Flames in 85? 86?
    2) Teemu's record breaking goal. Had a good seat for that one
    3) My first Jet's game as a kid: Goalie Ed Stanowski threw off his helmet, blocker and glove and raced down the ice to join in a line brawl. That rocked.

  3. There is a Red Rod? lol.

    May have been either 85' or 87'
    The whiteout started in 87 to counter the Calgary "C" of Red.

    Stanowski was before my time, but I remember Randy Carlyle's first NHL game in 84. I'm still convinced the Penguins imploded most of the team in order to draft Mario Lemieux.

  4. And I thought this was going to be a blog about sex based on "the purple helmet".