Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blame the White Man.

Roseau River First Nation Chief Terry Nelson insists that the Kapyong Barracks along Kenaston Blvd  be given to his people.  If he does not get this valuable piece of land, he makes threats about roadblocks on roads, bridges, railways, and such.  However, Nelson does not stop there.  He goes on to do the favorite pastime of people who couldn't cut it in this world through hard work, and dedication.  He plays the race card.

That's right.  Apparently it is us evil White people who are responsible for the suffering of his people.  Instead of looking in the mirror, and doing a moral inventory assessment, or having any kind of personal accountability, he blames the "White Man" or in his own words, "Redneck"  when he does not get what he wants.

I have met and befriended several First Nations people in my life.  What I have noticed is the ones who get ahead in life, have the best quality of life, and the happiest do something that Nelson does not obviously believe in.  Looking in the mirror and taking personal accountability for his actions.

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  1. He uses the term "white man" as an insult.

  2. I think the media should ignore Nelson. Do you think they would keep on interviewing and quoting "whitey" if he referred to natives as wagon burners? I don't think so.