Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanted: Members of Parliament. No experience necessary.

Well with the election wrapped up, I came across some interesting tidbits on  the recently elected NDP members in the province of Quebec.  Seems some of the new Members of Parliament come from all walks of life, which is fine.  A former communist, a UFC cagefighter, and then there is Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the representative of the Quebec riding of Berthier - Maskinong√©.

What makes this amusing is her activities during the election campaign.  Here are some of the most interesting facts:

  • She is barely fluent in French, despite being the NDP candidate in a overwhelmingly French speaking riding in Quebec
  • She took a vacation to Vegas during the Election campaign
  • She did not bother to show up in her riding during Election night
  • She never once visited the riding she was competing for (too busy working at a pub in her hometown of Ottawa?)

Maybe I am being unfair, and rushing to judgement.  Mrs. Brosseau could turn out to be a fine MP.  And hey, don't tell me some of those those sexually repressed old men that have been at Sussex Drive for years wouldn't mind some eye candy in the house.  I mean look at her.  She's smokin'!


  1. So if she ( and other rookie Quebec NDP MPs) don't perform up to standard;

    Is this a failure of Quebeckers for electing them?

    Or a failure of the NDP for nominating them?

  2. I'm certain all parties had folks like this inserted into 'unwinnable' ridings just to make sure that they had a name on the ballot. The downside of catching a wave is some of your deadwood washes ashore with it.

    Still, it is the "commons" and supposed to represent all of the people. Who's to say that a cute 20 year old bartender from Ottawa won't offer something better than yet another white, 46 year old lawyer.

  3. But shouldn't parties be at least running credible candidates? Candidates that will stand up to the question " If we think we can seriously win this riding, would we run this candidate?"

    Don't get me wrong, I love to see new MPs un-tainted by the system, and I really hope she does well. But I think all parties have a responsibility to ask themselves ' is this person the best person we can field in this riding"

  4. I agree that parties should do that. Unfortunately, they don't and it could end up biting the NDP in the arse !

  5. I wonder if this is who Orange went to Ottawa to work for?

  6. I find it certainly ironic that Orange had told the critics of the Bipole 3 project to "move out of Manitoba" if you don't like it. It does not surprise me the least bit that she does an about face, and decides to leave Manitoba at the first chance she is offered with.

    Orange will not be missed, as she has proven herself to be an opportunist and a hypocrite. She will fit in comfortably at her new position in Ottawa.