Friday, April 8, 2011

NDP bloggers leave much to be desired.

Sometimes there comes a time when you read an article on a blog that you feel compelled to make a statement on.  Especially if it is a local blog.  With the Manitoba Provincial election coming up in the fall, there have been many local blogs that have been created to influence voters.  A disproportionate number of the new blogs seem to be coming from NDP supporters.

So when I came across a blog that attacks and discredits a Canadian Olympic Gold medalist for virtually no reason, I was at loss for words.  There have been other instances where I have just had to shake my head at some of the statements made by the authors.  

For instance, the Orange Rod blog has made her share of outrageous claims.  The Orange Rod has claimed that Manitobans living outside the Perimeter highway are all "a bunch of rednecks."  Another post tells Manitobans to move out of the province, if they oppose the plans for the Bipole III  Hydro project.  Another post claims the Winnipeg Police Service are against  having women as a mayor.  The reason?  The WPS endorsed Sam Katz for the mayor office.

The scary thing is the Orange Rod is relatively tame compared to some of the more recent NDP-friendly blogs.  The NDP supporters and members have taken dirty politics to a new low.  These blogs are some of the most disgusting, hate-filled, and vile propaganda I have ever witnessed at a Provincial level.  Here are some examples:

Now I am not the biggest fan of Hugh McFadyen.  I still have yet to decide who to vote for.  However, what the NDP bloggers fail to realize is that McFayden, Susan Auch, Sam Katz, Stephen Harper, and many others that they have smeared, attacked, and ridiculed, is that they are all people like you and me.  We all have our faults.  It's fair to be critical of someone if you against their policies or agenda.  

However, the Manitoba NDP have taken mudslinging and smear tactics to a new level.  I will never vote for the New Democratic Party again as long as I live.  You can thank the NDP hate machine for my decision.


  1. Union bullies and university kids make a bad combination.

  2. It’s called all that’s left.

    When a political party’s policies and government can no longer be reasonably defended or supported, all that’s left is to attack the other parties with smears and lies.

    Funny thing though is that the only people that will buy into this sort of stuff are the diehard party supporters, this isn’t going to sway anyone.

    And reading the blogs, it seems like one person is posting most of them.

  3. My blog is about a fictional leader of a fictional party. You right wing supporters need to lighten up.

    Have you ever thought that most people don't give a rats ass about politics and would rather mock it?

    I find it scary that there are people out there that would take my blog serious, but then again there are people out there that take Hughie serious.

  4. @ Hughie. Since you're clearly so creative in your fictional creations, maybe you could have come up with a more fictional name?