Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Terry Fox Petition A Success!

I would first like to start by saying thank you to all people in Winnipeg and beyond, for supporting my petition to rename the Perimeter Highway to “Terry Fox Drive.”  Since my petition has reached its goal, I will now inform the Terry Fox Foundation, and if I have their blessing I will proceed to contact the Minister of Highways and Transportation, Steve Ashton, and let him know about the idea, and my petition.
However, if the Province of Manitoba denies my request, I will simply have to make alternate plans.  A recent Winnipeg Free Press poll seems to indicate that the majority of Winnipeg residents, while not in favor of renaming the Perimeter Highway, are in favor of naming an existing road in the city after Terry Fox.  The two roads that came to mind were Ravenhurst Street and the future east leg of the Chief Peguis Trail, which will run from Lagimodiere Boulevard to Plessis Road. 

The blogger Cherenkov, who writes the local blog “Anyone Want a Peanut,” makes a great case to rename Fermor Avenue after Fox.  Cherenkov makes a good point, when mentioning there are relatively few homes and businesses along Fermor, and it is technically part of the Trans-Canada Highway, up until it intersects St.Anne's Road.  It is quite conceivable that if Fox had made it to Winnipeg during his run, he would have used Fermor Avenue, as going through the city would have gave him an opportunity to raise more money for cancer research.

I certainly have my work cut out for me, and considering this is a road I have never crossed in my life, if anyone would like to help me in achieving my goal of naming a road after Terry Fox, please message me, as I would love to hear from you.  Meanwhile, I would like to remind everyone that the Terry Fox Run this year is on Sunday, September 15If you would like to volunteer and help out, or donate to the Terry Fox Foundation, please visit this link.  Terry Fox always reminded us that “cancer can be beaten.”  Let's help make his goal become a reality.

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