Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Press columnist Dan Lett and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg Free Press columnist Dan Lett recently penned two columns about the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.  Lett, a CMHR proponent from day one, proves that his pro-Asper bias knows no shame.  He unbelievably tries to pass the buck from Gail Asper on to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Conservative party.

Besides the fact that Lett's first column is about 57 paragraphs too long, he tries in vain to make the Aspers out to be some kind of community heroes.  I only read it once, and will not give Lett the satisfaction of letting him waste my time by reading it again.  Upon completion of the article, I felt so dirty that I immediately took a long hot shower.  

Congratulations, Dan.  You have my vote for "Homer of the Year"  in 2011.

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